Monday, October 11, 2010

Towards A New Renaissance, by Rachael Boast

Hello Poets,
The remarkable Scottish English poet Rachael Boast writes a note to a friend.
How many such seekers do we know?

Towards A New Renaissance

Dear Friend with a crescent moon above your door,
I have heard that you are overcome by poetry,

that you are afloat somewhere inside the world’s great
sorrow, with the language of love as your compass.

You have been gone a long time, a white sail
full of clear sky, and no land in sight.

One such as you will become an ocean unto itself
because you learn and live your craft well.

Don’t forget to report back to us - I have a feeling
the universal winds are sensitive to words.

by Rachael Boast, from The Heart as Origami, 2005


  1. Glad to find this poem has gone and got a life of its own. Sometimes I wish I was Scottish, but I'm from Suffolk. All good wishes, Rachael

  2. Whoops! OK, fixed the error-
    Thanks Rachael; I love this poem by the way.